SOS Children’s Villages Lebanon, represented by its National Director Mrs. Viviane Zeidan, and HIMO Jewellery, represented by its CEO Mr. Joseph Himo, announced the official launch of their partnership, aiming at providing a loving home for a larger number of children. During the ceremony, Mr. Himo handed Mrs. Zeidan a 12,500 USD check. This sum is the outcome of the Mother’s Day campaign organized by HIMO in March-April 2014 whereby a part of the sales of the Mother’s Day jewellery items went to SOS Children’s Villages.

This partnership, as described by Mr. Himo, comes as part of the CSR (corporate social responsibility) of the company. It aims at supporting the activities of SOS Children’s Villages Lebanon that would lead to the development and social integration of all the children. Mr. Himo added that through this relationship with SOS Children’s Villages their company seeks to support children from all over Lebanon without any discrimination whatsoever.’s-Futures